Katy, TX Commercial Overhead Door Repair

katy commercial garage door servicesAs a business owner, it is your responsibility to protect the cars and other vehicles in your business premises. Whether you own the building or you're renting the facility, having a garage door is very essential for the security of the vehicles in your business premises. Commercial garage doors help protect your business, but at some point, these doors begin to wear and tear due to constant use. Even the best doors in the market are not immune to getting worn out; it is a natural thing that occurs as a result of constant use. This makes the garage door to malfunction or become faulty; this may hamper the normal day to day business activities that go on in your building, causing setbacks and loss of revenue.

That is why we at Garage Door Repair Katy don't just take care of residential garage doors; we also repair commercial garage doors. We know the troubles a faulty garage door can bring to your business, since they usually pick the worst possible time to go bad (especially during business hours) and we understand the urgency in getting it fixed as quickly as possible. That is why we do our best to provide repair services for your commercial garages as quickly as possible.

Our experts are experienced with all kinds of commercial garage door repairs and services; we will inspect your garage doors to figure out the problem before giving you an estimate, before giving you a lasting solution. It doesn't matter what the problem is, whether it’s a broken spring, jerking movement, friction causing dents, jammed openers, split cables, motor adjustments, faulty hinges and the list goes on.

Installation and replacement of commercial garage doors

We don't just fix commercial overhead doors, and repair commercial garage doors, we also take care of installations too, whether the old garage door of your building has become faulty beyond repair, and you require a replacement, or it’s a building under construction that requires high quality garage door installations. We take care of all types of doors, and depending on the type of business you're into, our technicians will help you determine the best commercial garage door to install. Whether it is a shop, a ware house, a school, a storage facility, any kind of building. So why not contact us, and experience superior commercial garage door services today.

As a business owner, when you have a problem with your commercial garage door, you need fast service that is convenient and reliable. Garage Repair of Katy prides itself on customer service and our 24/7 availability to our customers.

Commercial garage door repair and maintenance can be a dangerous job if you are unsure what you are doing. The technology involved in the door, and all of its parts and accessories, can leave an untrained person scratching their head. All commercial garage door repair should be performed by a trained professional. Our highly trained staff is the best in the industry and can provide you with the service you need.