Katy, TX Overhead Door Springs

katy garage door springsWhether you need to repair your garage door springs or you need to adjust your overhead door spring, Garage Repair Katy can attend to and fulfill your garage door needs. If your garage door stops going up or if it makes a loud sound while opening, then it is probably because your garage door spring is damaged. You will need an experienced person to fix it because attempting to fix it yourself can be very dangerous. When your garage door spring breaks the door will be unable to go up. These springs are found above the garage door and help to carry the weight of the overhead door.

We have well trained technicians who can fix garage door spring coils. They specialize in repairing broken overhead door torsion spring and get your garage door back and working in no time. If you attempt to use a garage door opener to lift the garage door with a broken spring, you will end up damaging the opener. It is best to call us if you want the job to be done properly.

In cases where the garage door is not closing at the same level, it may be because one of the torsion springs is putting more force on the garage door than the other torsion spring. Then all you need is a spring adjustment. Our team of skilled technicians can easily tackle this problem without stress.

A garage door spring may break due to wear and tear after working many cycles over a long period of time. Opening and closing the garage door makes one cycle. It takes thousands of cycles for a spring to break over a period of 3-5years. A garage door spring could also break due to rust. When rust builds up in the garage door spring coil, it will lead to increase in the friction in the coil. You can prevent the rust from building up on the overhead door spring coil by lubricating it regularly. You can call us to advise you on the best available lubricating products in the market that would be appropriate for your garage door.

There are two basic types of garage door springs and they are -garage door torsion spring which is located above the garage door and the garage door extension spring which is located above the horizontal track of the door. It is perpendicular to the garage door. Over time, the extension spring coils may become weak and unable to carry the weight of the door then they require replacement. If you close your garage door halfway and the spring cannot hold the weight of the door against gravity then it is time to replace the springs don't wait for it to break first before calling. Even if only one spring is broken, you can trust us to replace both springs since both have been used for the same amount of time. So make sure you call us at Garage Repair Katy for a prompt work and if you want the best job on your garage door.

Replacing garage door springs is a tricky business and should only be done by trained professionals. One incorrect move in repairing a spring can result in serious injury and may even cause death. Garage Repair of Cypress is expertly trained in garage door spring repair, and can repair and replace your springs quickly and safely. Garage door spring replacements are one of the most common repairs on garage doors. There are two categories of springs – torsion springs and extension springs. Within each of these categories are a multitude of different designs. The spring is actually the mechanism that lifts most of the garage door weight.